New Zip It® Drain Cleaning Tool (Drain Snake)

zip it drain cleaning tool

Is your sink slow to drain? Do you have water backed up in your bathtub or shower? Get my latest Zip It® Drain Cleaning tool here on Amazon. As always, the Zip-iT® is the original and the best for unclogging your drain in seconds.

Zip-It® Green Snake Advantages:

  • Removes clogs in sinks, showers, bathtubs, and slow drains FAST
  • Does not get stuck unlike the cheap Knock Offs
  • Quick, easy, and inexpensive
  • Made from post recycled consumer plastic
  • Chemical-free
  • Single unit, no bulky equipment or separate attachments
  • Flexible, unbreakable
  • Successful tooth (barbed) design
  • Longer, 25 inches, to reach the clog with ease
  • New, curve design, allows for bending in any direction
  • No packaging required, environmentally friendly
  • Reusable, recyclable
  • Larger handle for easier grip and maneuvering
  • Space on handle to advertise your business
  • Made in the USA

No one likes the inconvenience of calling the plumber, waiting for an appointment, and possibly paying a small fortune to unclog a drain. My product is simple, easy, and inexpensive!

I am Gene Luoma, inventor of the original Zip-iT, which was brought to the market in 2001. I was the first to invent and design a most simple, but very effective drain cleaning tool.

The original Zip-iT was unparalleled to anything on the market at that time. Over 40 million of the originals have been sold! Today, I bring you the latest Zip-iT drain cleaning tool, the Zip-iT “Green Snake.” 

Beware of cheap, imitation products that get stuck in your drain! These fraudulent knock-offs are made with low quality plastic, and are manufactured in China. Often times, they are orange in color and falsely market them under the Zip-iT trademark!

Zip-It® Drain Cleaner “Green Snake”

Used worldwide. Millions have discovered this simple tool, which unclogs drains fast without putting a dent in your wallet!

We have taken years of improvements and incorporated them into the new  (Improved) Zip-iT “Green Snake”.   

Made from post recycled consumer plastic, the new Green Snake requires no packaging making it more environmentally friendly. The Green Snake Zip-It is longer with the same successful tooth (barb) design.

The barbs are specially designed to be flexible so not to be lodged in the drain but rigid enough to grab the hair and other debris.

Our NEW patent pending design is far superior to any plastic drain cleaning tool or device on the market today.

For wholesale pricing or more information, contact:

Gene Luoma

Original inventor and designer of the Zip-iT® drain cleaner

Luoma Enterprises, Inc.