New Zip It Drain Cleaning Tool Green Snake

zip it drain cleaning tool

This product is so simple why wasn’t it invented before?  With over 40 Million of the original Zip-It’s sold.

The New Zip-It Drain Cleaner “Green Snake”

I was the first to invent, design, bring to market and offer a simple but very effective drain cleaning tool unparalleled to anything else that was on the market at the time.

Today it is used world wide because it is so easy to use, its fast to unclog your drain and often times saves you from calling a plumber (saving you money).

We have taken years of improvements and incorporated them into the new  (Improved) “ZIP-IT  Green Snake”.   

Made from post recycled consumer plastic.  NO packaging is required making it more environmentally friendly. The NEW Zip-It  is longer with the same successful tooth (barb) design.

The new ZIP-IT is now round (not flat) allowing it to bend in any direction never allowing it to get stuck in your drain. 

The barbs are specially designed to be flexible so not to be lodged in the drain but rigid enough to grab the hair and other debris unlike any of the other competitors on the market. 

The handle is now larger for two fingers to easily grasp and maneuver for removing those stubborn clogs.

All new Zip-It is American Made, reusable, recyclable, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We were the first to market and offer a design unparalleled to anything else for ease of use.

For Sales and pricing Contact:

Gene Luoma,

Original Inventor and designer of the Zip It Drain Cleaner

Luoma Enterprises, Inc

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