The easiest way to clean your drains

Where To Get Them

This is easily the most asked question we get around here: Where can I buy one of these things?  Here is the list.  If you know of a place that is selling them that is not listed her, please put it in the comments.



  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • ACE Hardware
  • True Value
  • Do It Best
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid


  • Menards
  • Krogers
  • Harbor Freight


  • Canadian Tire
  • Wal-Mart


  1. Laura M

    Most awesome invention EVER!!!!! I’ll never use anything else!

  2. Chris

    Is it carried by any chain stores in Canada, please?

    • admin

      This product can be found at most Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart locations. It is merchandised down the plumbing aisle and the product part number is PS6066.

    • A. Garcia

      I originally found this product in Walgreen’s and it worked so good, I didn’t have to use any poisons to clean my slow draining drain. I shed a lot of hair and so unless I never washed my hair, my drains will ALWAYS become sluggish. However, I have looked everywhere and can’t find them any more. I see them attached to the Draino now, but not sold alone. I finally found some in a hardware store about an hour and a half out of town. I’m hoping I can order on-line. Thank God I found this site!!! Woo hoo!!

  3. Mike

    My girlfriend works at home depot and when they first stocked zipits in Boston, she bought the first one. I looked at that crappy stick of plastic and thought, what did you just waste your money on.

    When she pulled a rat out of our sink and then again from the tub my jaw hit the floor. I wish I had my camera.

    Since then I buy one for every friends apartment warming party as a practical gift. =-]

    Wanted to let you know I just used a zipit in my washing machine drain trap and broke up a sludgy looking lint and grease ball that was causing slow draining.


  4. Mike

    …not a real rat, just hair. ;]

    • admin

      Thanks for the clarification. You were making me nervous. :)

  5. Vidya

    What a great invention. I have been looking for this kind of item for a very long time. Because of my limited understanding of the drainage system, never occurred to me how to get the hair out.
    Thank you for the invention.

  6. S. Fitzpatrick

    Best product I’ve ever bought. Does what it promises and it is inexpensive. I use it every couple of months on all my drains and never have a problem. Thanks!

  7. Sandra Whitaker

    I live in a manufactured home and my shower and sink drain became plugged up when my granddaughter & friend visited for a week wearing hair extensions. The home is gound set, but you would have to go under it to get to the drainage pipes. My daughter told me to try her zip it and see if it would work. It was amazing! For the first time in 6 months my drains are not backing up into the sink or shower! I am going to go buy a dozen of them today!


    http://www.biocleanonline.comzip_it.html sells this nationwide with free shipping. $4.00 per tool. Great deal!

    • admin

      Thanks Jeremy! Always nice to hear from our vendors.

  9. Joe

    I’m ordering another one, hopefully it acts as a magnet, and helps me find the one that’s been mis-placed… :)

    Awesome tool, been using the same one for many years now (just can’t find it). Ordered from, seems like it’s only going to cost me 4.00 out the door.

    I’ve been telling everyone that will listen how terrific this tool works!

    • admin

      If your new Zip-It pulls your old Zip-It out of a drain, please take a picture of that :-)

  10. Trish

    Bought this product at Ace Hardware for $3.00….just used it. Lo and behold, I found my mascara brush that had been missing for years. Who knew, it would fit down the drain.
    This is a GREAT product. Thanks to who ever invented it.

  11. cynthia

    I have been spending a fortune on some expensive Hair-Clog Remover sold at Walmart. I does a good job but takes a while to work and costs over $8.00 for a small jug. CAN”T WAIT to try Zip-it!!

  12. Tad

    I am about to go buy one of these from my local Rite AId for 3.99. I have two VERY slow shower drains and am both terrified and excited to see what comes out! if $4 fixes what $20 in drain-o couldn’t I will be very happy!

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Kathy Smith

    I bought this at a garage sale about 3 years ago. My friend who was with me, laughed at me when I read what it said on the package. When I told her how great it worked, she wants one now!!
    I use it every couple of months and it is so totally gross as to what comes out of the drains in the house. What a handy tool!!

  14. Russ Rogers

    I HIGHLY recommend the Zip-It Drain cleaner. Cheap. Effective. Never wears out. And it’s fascinatingly gross what you can pull up from your drain.

  15. Steven

    I too pulled out a “rat” from my drain. I have little to no plumbing experience. Bought it, took it home and with just a little playing around with it, it worked perfectly. I thought for sure I would need a plumber, but figured it was worth the $2.30 at Walmart in NC. I got the idea from a video that was a link from a plumbing website. I’m so happy I decided to try this and have been telling everyone how great it worked. Thanks guys from Zip-it for making a great product and so cost effective.

  16. Steven

    I just noticed that the date of everyone’s post is 1st March 2010. Thought you might like to know that.

    • admin

      Thanks. And just when I thought everything was running so smoothly :)

  17. Phil Pearce

    Works GREAT. Unclogged bathroom drain, wow, all that hair! Easy, no mess, no fuss, no chemicals.
    I will always use this from now on.

  18. Kimberly

    I love this tool. I have used it for years now and it is the best thing. I have long hair and its constantly clogging up shower drain. i use the zip-it and it works every time. Thanks for making it and making it affordable :)

  19. T Gumbo

    Do you make a larger or longer model?? That would be awesome!!

    • Zip-It Man

      Unfortunately, we do not. Once it gets too long, there is an issue of getting the thing back out. For deeper clogs, best to use a Cobra drain snake.

  20. jo wilso

    Lowe’s in canada sells it too


    I bought one of these 6 years ago and I haven’t spent a nickle on chemical drain openers since. After I saw what a great job it did I bought one for my Dad and sister and told friends about it at work. Only one friend bought it and the others are missing out, don’t care or like to waste money on liquid drain cleaners that don’t work near as well as the zip-it. While having to look at all of the junk as it comes up is the only disadvantage that some may face, it is well worth the savings. Great invention.

  22. Michael Roach

    Hi Zip-It Man,

    First of all awesome product I use at home and it works great. I also work at home depot in the plumbing dept. Customers always come in an are looking for chemicals. I explain that they should try your product. They do and when they return they return they always tell me how well it works and they prefer not to deal with harsh chemicals for a various reasons.
    My question is this: I haved a plumbing product that I am patenting. How did you select a company to manufacture or market your product. I have done alot of reading and it is a bit confusing on where to take the next step as far as reputable companies. Any assistance or suggestions you could provide with be appreciated. Once again keep on making the zip-it and we will keep on selling them. Thx.


    Excellent product! I just ordered a bunch from Amazone. As soon as I get them – they are available for sale in Sweden! This is something that should be found in every home, and also used by house cleaning companies. I will get back to you!

  24. Zip it sounds like a great product.I wish I would of tryed that,before I bought a product called “Flexisnake.The only thing it skillfully removed, was $10.95 from my wallet.

  25. Elle Gay

    I had tried everything until I came across this. I immediately went to Ace and picked one up for less than $5.00, came straight home and tried it out. It was the most disgustingly beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you for giving me a simple and effective way to forever keep my drains hair-free!!

  26. Kim McD

    I was in Home Depot trying to find a strong chemical to unclog my drain. I asked an employee and he was busy at the moment and said he would be back to help me. I started looking around and saw this. I was like, for under $3.00, why not. I used it in my tub and it was a very gross experience but immediately it started draining again. I also used it in the sink but it zip the stopper thing right out. So I don’t advise using it in the sink. This is a great product for all the single ladies.

  27. Randy Roget

    Quite possibly the best tool I’ve ever invested in ( for all of $3)….Been using a piece of re-bar tie wire with a hook bent in the end for years and thought I was getting all the hair out of my drains. Bought this today and pulled out two disgusting giant wads of hair that the wire could not seem to get hold of….and it’s incredibly strong and easy to use. And the price is right!!!! Thanks Zip-It-Clean.

  28. Dana Oliver

    Could not find your most excellent product at local Kroger, after losing ours after several years of use. Was in some other store and saw something similar, but slightly different design. Was SO disappointed – it just didn’t work like yours did! :( Thanks for your list of where to find them – I will try the Walgreens down the street later tonight.

  29. Michael Nerbonne

    I work at a major hotel chain, this tool is indispensable, when I do maintenance in a room the last thing I do is clear the sink and tub drains. Would not be without it. Great product.

  30. Gary

    What a “NEAT” invention & it works !!
    ADD- “Harbor Tools” to your list of stores & really “inexpensive”.

  31. Suzie

    Love this tool! Originally used it for a sink drain clogged with hair. Just used it again on a clogged A/C condensate line that drains into a sink drain and it pulled out two PVC pipe washers the builder had jammed into the drain. Wow, didn’t expect to find those, but think this will solve the slow drain issue. Love those barbs and the flexibility of this tool! No more chemicals needed!

  32. Jairo Della Torre Antunes de Moraes

    Please send this product to all WALMART stores in Brazil, please, please, please. I need this so much.

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