The easiest way to clean your drains

A Manly Unclogging

The Manly HousekeeperThe Manly Man over at The Manly Housekeeper manned up and, manning a Zip-It, manhandled a… clog. Man, that was a lot of “mans”.

I didn’t have a stopped drain, and I needed something that would remove hair. I found my ideal product in Zip-It…. …I stuck the Zip-It into my bathroom sink and pulled out … well, it’s pretty obvious.


  1. Ew. That picture looks disgusting. My sink drain is clogged. I have tried countless products and tools to unclog it, and none of them have worked. I know the drain is clogged from hair, because I shed hair like none other, and none of the chemicals I’ve used have worked. It looks like I am in for a mess, or it’s just time to call a plumber.

    • Zipit Man

      It really depends: The plumber may just use a Zip-It him or herself. If you would rather have someone else deal with it, call a plumber. If you want to experience the deep satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself, well, do it yourself :)

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