The easiest way to clean your drains

Toxic is Toxic

Local 10 in Miami, FL just reported onĀ 5 home improvement products to avoid. Number 2 on the list:

2. Liquid Drain Cleaner

Highly toxic and only marginally effective, liquid drain cleaners fail time and again, leaving you with a sink-full of poisonous solution to deal with when you or your plumber has to clear the drain manually. Interestingly, one of the leading brands of drain cleaner recently began selling a drain-cleaning tool (much like a Zip-It) along with their liquid product. Isn’t this obviously admitting that their product doesn’t work all that well on its own? The right tools for the job: Zip-It or other flexible hair-clog extractor; coat hanger; drain snake; or tongue-and-groove pliers, for taking apart the P-trap assembly to clean it by hand.

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks Local 10!


  1. Karen Vaught

    I know I should be thanking you, but for the love of all things sacred, that was nasty! As soon as I stop gagging, I’m sure I will appreciate my free-running drain.

  2. dennis

    my kitchen drain was totally clodded and in 2 minutes all this hairy substance got pulled out and I flushed with boiling water. problem solve without using chemicals which I hate. the product more than pays the first time and no I am just a private consumer and have nothing to do with this product.

  3. dennis

    works great and cleaned clod without chemicals

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