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Stocking Stuffer

The Christmas stocking. Hung so carefully by the chimney. But they don’t look nearly as good as when they are stuffed to overflowing with presents. And there in lies the trick – overflowing. To properly stuff a Christmas stocking, to elicit squeals of joy from it, you must load it with goodies that breach the upper lip of the sock. You know where I’m going with this. Zip-It, in it’s packaging, is 23-3/4″ long.  This thing is definitely going to extend past the lip of the stocking. And the very act of pulling Zip-It out of the stocking is very much like actually using it in a drain. Zip-It deserves to be stuffed in a stocking (and then a drain). Even Alan Miller, the Old House Handyman at the Columbus Dispatch agrees:

Next on the all-time favorites list is something called Zip-It Clean, a tool so simple and vital — especially in a house occupied by four women with long hair — that I should have thought of it. The tool is a thin, flexible plastic rod with a handle and short spines sticking from the sides. You can find it at most hardware stores for about $3. Shove it into any sink or floor drain in my house, pull it back out, and along with it will come a pile of hair and gunk the size of a drowned rat. I used it two weeks ago to clean out a slow drain in the bathroom. The job took all of about three minutes, including the trip to the basement to get the Zip-It. (I recently bought one for one of my college-age daughters for use in her houseful of women.)

Oh, just think of the squeals of joy you will hear when your loved ones find a Zip-It in their stocking on Christmas morn.

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  1. Karen Renehan

    I have a Zip It and love it. I have told other people about it. It’s such a simple tool that works so well. Thanks for coming up with it!

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