The easiest way to clean your drains

Gizmodo Approved

The folks at Gizmodo are concerned about your bathroom. Yes, YOUR bathroom. They know your bathroom is a mess, so they have listed 6 Tools to Make Your Disgusting Bathroom Pristine Again. Wouldn’t you know, Zip-It makes the cut. Of course it does. We’re a little concerned about your bathroom, too.



  1. Kay Sutcliffe

    Love this product. Would like to see one in every home. Maybe it should be green since it is a green product.

  2. Uncle Pete DiSarro

    I love the product for all my household clogging needs… but let me tell you how great it works on cleaning the gutter downspouts.
    Last week my mom’s gutter down spouts were so packed that I couldn’t even get the house down them… so I went in the house and got my zip it. It made a small hole as it pierced its way thru the gutter down spout depris. A few up and down and side to side turning motions and with the help of my hose the clog was gone.
    You should make a zip-it gutter cleaner…. it just needs to be about 6 inches longer.
    Uncle Pete

    • Zipit Man

      Uncle Pete!

      We love a guy who gets creative with the use of his Zip-Its. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I’ve had a lot of problems with clogged drains in my house this year. I would love to get them cleaned, and this product looks like it might to the trick. If it didn’t though, I’m to the point where I would call in a professional.

    • Zipit Man

      For just a couple of bucks Zip-It is worth a shot, don’t you think?

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