The easiest way to clean your drains

Oooooh chile

Damn, girl!

There is a trend in the kinky haired community to let your hair do what your hair is naturally inclined to do (I let my hair do the same thing, but it’s kinda wavy and sticks straight up – and I wouldn’t change a thing – but I digress). These ladies are proud of what they have and love showing it off, and we love every last one of them.

Our new found friends at Afrobella are on a quest to find all of the products a girl needs to let her curly hair fly free. They have also found that some of that free flying curly hair flies right into the drain. Mercifully, Afrobella recently discovered the joys of Zip-It. What has impressed me most in her write-up is the use of the terms “doohickey” and “oooooh chile”:

Now here’s the thing. The Zip-It is different from other drain cleaners, because it’s manual. It’s a long plastic doohickey you stick down your drain as far down as you can, and then you pull it back out, oooooh chile. Let me prepare you for what you may behold.

With a chemical drain cleaner you never actually come into contact with your shower sludge, or clumps of hair. But with the Zip-It, you are literally pulling this stuff out of your shower drain manually, so for the love of Pete make sure you’re right next to your toilet or bathroom trash can. Because if you’re like me and you’d rather not touch this stuff, it’s the only way to avoid having to do so. It gets gross, it gets real – but it works like nothing else ever has.

Thank you Afrobella. You are gorgeous!

Read the whole thing HERE.

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