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Zip-It Gets 88% Approval Rating

Zip-It has been officially recommended by and for that we are truly grateful.

How do you fix a clogged sink or tub drain? Chemicals, Snake, Auger? Call a plumber? This problem must be the most common, and one of the most unpleasant, plumbing problems that we all encounter in our everyday life. In an upcoming guide, we will explore the different product options to clearing a sink drain. Without needing to go through all possible scenarios, however, we can already say that, to us, the first option after trying a plunger is the Zip-it Drain Cleaner, a simple, inexpensive, and easy to use device with very high user satisfaction ratings.

What is interesting about this site is that they research other websites and calculate a total approval rating. Zip-It got 88% (sounds like we are in front of the curve):

We collected 169 user reviews from multiple sources.  We found an excellent 88% user approval rating, with a 5% margin of error at 95% certainty. This is a particularly good result, given the fact that, from the tool’s design, we know, before using it that it will only work with clogs that are close the the drain.

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