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Try It Thursday Tests Zip-It Drain Opener

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For any homeowner who has experienced the daunting task of trying to fix a clogged sink or shower, the Zip-It claims to be an affordable plumbing helper that is a quick solution.

The product claims to be the easiest way to clear clogged and slow-running drains without harsh chemicals. This week’s testers, Mark and Lauren Lazzari, put it to the test.

Not only does the couple deal with their own plumbing problems, but they also rent out apartments and tend to their tenants dirty jobs as well. With a new baby in the house, the Lazzaris said using something chemical-free is a must.

“With the new baby, it was interesting to try something that isn’t chemical-based, and we care about the environment so the less chemicals we can use, the better,” Lauren said. “Once a week or once every other week we use Drano … the kind that’s for older pipes. So, if we could find something that wasn’t chemically based, we’d definitely use it.”

The couple said their shower drain is slow-moving, causing water to pool about a couple of inches during showers and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to drain.

Mark opened the drained and pushed the Zip-It in, but the way the pipe was designed, he couldn’t get the device down to where the clog was.

A second try in the sink turned out much better; the teeth on the sides of the Zip-It pulled out hair and soap scum. The water seemed to be going down a lot faster, and the couple said they would definitely continue to use the Zip-It in the sink. For that, the Zip-It got two thumbs up.

The product is available at hardware and home improvement stores for less than $3. The manufacturers recommend throwing it away after each use, and it can be returned for a new one or a full refund if the user isn’t satisfied.

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